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July 3, 2020
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Choosing The Perfect Oriental Rug

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Oriental rugs are unmatched for elegant floor coverings. The intricate patterns are created by hand weaving and knotting thousands of individual strands of wool or silk. This labor-intensive process makes the price of oriental rugs high and you will want to choose carefully when buying one of these treasures for your home.

Before purchasing an Oriental rug you will need to take measurements. Measure the width as well as the length of the rug. If you want to add an Oriental rug to the stairs you need to measure appropriately in order to get the right size.

When you go shopping for area rugs, it is important to carry a photo of the room with you. This will help as you choose colors and rug patterns. You will find Oriental area rugs in a variety of beautiful colors. Patterns include floral, geometrics, pictorials and decorative.

Wool is a material used to make some Oriental rugs. Wool can make the rugs keep the floor warm and resist high traffic. If silk is what you want you need to keep in mind that silk cannot withstand high traffic floors or cold temperatures. Only use these rugs if you live in a warm climate.

The country that an Oriental rug is made in says a lot about the rug itself. Persia is the most popular place to find Oriental rug production. Other places that are well known for producing Oriental rugs include Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Turkey, Armenia, Romania, Egypt, Morocco, and Azerbaijan. The most elegant of Oriental rugs can be found in Hereke.

When you are considering an Oriental it is important to examine the rug closely. Feel free to turn the rug over to see the weave. Some rugs have been aged using artificial methods. These rugs have been washed and painted and will be lighter on the back. With normally aging fading would not occur on the back, as it is not exposed to light.

The knot count of an Oriental area rug is also important. A higher knot count will usually point to a more intricate design. Higher know counts also mean a higher durability. Unfortunately, a higher durability and more intricate design also equal a higher price tag.

Another tip for buying an Oriental area rug includes testing the rug to determine if it is colorfast. If you rub a damp rag across the rug and color comes off you do not want to purchase the rug.

Part of the fun for many people in buying an Oriental is bargaining. Always ask the sales person if they can do better on the price. You can count on most Orientals being priced between $20 and $80 dollars a square foot. Prices will vary depending on where the rug was made.


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