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August 13, 2020
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Doors of a Different Color

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Picking paint colors for the house is not an easy task. If you pick obvious colors, then chances are that the house will end up looking ordinary and truthfully, just plain boring.

On the other hand, if you pick colors that scream look at me! then chances are that they may end up overriding the whole architecture, not to mention how upset your neighbors will be. This applies to the doors as well. No one wants a plain old door welcoming them, and their guests, home every day.

The house is our sanctuary; a place to unwind after a tough days work and the door is the focal point. So while we agonize about the colors of our house, let us not forget that the house begins at the door.

It is quite difficult however, to come up with a suitable color for doors; especially for the front door. The classic style has been to paint it a shiny black complete with a brass kick plate and handle as well as a colorful wreath.

However, people have become more adventurous and are steering away from the traditional black to bolder colors. However, even while experimenting with the different colors; it is important that it blend in well with the house color. More people are opting for a rich dark red with a semi- gloss finish, which goes well with almost all house colors.

Other colors are possible as well, for instance if your house color were light green then a dark purple door with a white door trim would do. It will look even better if you have purple flowers such as lilacs in the landscape. A dark green house on the other hand will match with a rust red door or simply a natural wood door with a cream door trim. A light blue house will go well with a dark red or navy blue door while a dark blue one will match with a maroon door. Red houses go well with the black door and a brick house with a dark purple door.

A gray house will go well with a navy blue door, a brown house with a cream or rust door, a yellow house with a black door and a white house with any dark rich color.

For garage doors, their painting is best matched with the coloring of the house as opposed to the trim color or white as this makes the house look bigger.

Steel doors tend to get quite hot when exposed to direct sunlight and have problems of excessive peeling of the door paint. It is therefore advisable to use lighter colors or brown on such doors, which last longer when exposed to the sun.

Many homeowners are unsure of how to handle steel doors but they are not that hard to maintain as most of their problems arise from ignorance on how they are supposed to be taken care of. The procedure of painting steel doors is slightly different from the others and it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's directions in order to get the best results.


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