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July 28, 2020
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Bring In Spring With New Blinds

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Window coverings are an important part of any room. They help set the general tone of the design. If the rooms in your home have heavy curtains, they are not only hard to clean but may keep out light, turning the room into a dreary place even in spring.

No matter how rainy or dark a day is, you can make it look like spring in your home with the use of blinds. Blinds are great because they are easy to clean and can be shut to differing levels depending on how much sun you want to let in or how much privacy you want. With curtains you can either open or close them, there is nothing between.

Two types of blinds that can really brighten a room are roller blinds and Roman blinds. Roller blinds are shades that roll up on a tube at the top. They can be pulled down to various heights to let in only partial light or pulled all the way down for complete privacy. A simple pull of the bottom of the blind will make it roll up or down. Roman blinds are similar to the roller kind, but when they are pulled up they fold up like cloth instead of rolling.

You can order made to measure blinds direct from the internet or from your local high street. They are available in multiple colours and patterns. It is the brightness of these colours and patterns that really make a room look like spring. Purchasing these blinds in a floral pattern or in bright hues of yellow or blue can make a room seem airy, even when the blinds are completely drawn down.

Many stores will offer a free estimate and make custom sized blinds based on the size of your windows. There is no need to worry whether the shades will fit, since they can be cut to fit. They are easy to care for and will change the entire look of a room much faster and cheaper than paint, tiles or furniture.

No matter the current style of your home, a good set of blinds can either transform a room or change it completely. With the right colour and pattern of blinds, you can change the room and change the season, turning the dreariest grey day into a sunshiny one that requires little care to maintain. Express your personal style at home and bring in spring with new blinds.


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