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October 26, 2020
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Door Knobs - Welcome Beauty To Your Home

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You touch them every day, and turn them in your hand. They can be smooth metal, cold stone or hard plastic. They are door knobs and they can be the sexiest thing in your house.

It is time to take notice of these inconspicuous pieces of hardware and make them stand out as the baubles of beauty that they are. Try changing from metal to Corian or stone for an "I know you want to touch me" look. Or go for a thoroughly modern look with the contrasted beauty of glass and metal door knobs.

No matter what types of door knobs you choose, changing them can really change the whole look of your house. The great thing about door knobs is that because they are small and common you could have a different knob on every door in your house and some may not notice; unless you play up the differences. Paint a door with a silver knob Tiffany's blue or if you have a glass knob that looks like Chanel jewelry upholster the door with Chanel fabric. The possibilities are endless.

And don't think that you have to throw away your old knobs. If they are still in good shape you can attach two or three to a decorative painted board and place it in the hall or entryway to hang coats and handbags. Try dipping them in paint and rolling or stamping them on acid-free cardstock to create paper of your own design for scrapbooking or card making. If you bought an old house you may have some vintage beauties on your hands that are ready to be sold on eBay for a profit.

But before you get ahead of yourself you have to find new door knobs to replace the old ones. Sure you could hit up your local home and hardware stores, but if you really want to peruse the best selection you should shop online. Not only will you find the greatest variety of knobs, but you will also find the most reasonable prices. Choose from antique doorknobs with Victorian and art deco appeal. Or try clean and modern nickel or chrome knobs or even old fashioned wood ones. The choice is yours.

There is one rule for doorknobs and that is generally glass or crystal ones work better on doors that are not frequently used. Since they can easily show dirt and wear and tear they are more often regulated to French doors, closet doors and others that aren't grasped on a daily basis. Follow this simple rule and the elegant touch of gorgeous door knobs can be yours.

It is these small finishing touches that will really make your house a home. So don't hesitate. Start shopping today and find the door knobs you've been dreaming of. After all the door knob is often the first impression guests get of your house and it is often one thing people don't forget. Choose door knobs that wet your guests' appetites giving them a glimpse of the beauty they will find should they enter your humble abode.


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